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What are the benefits of reading happy life quotes? MUST READ


Inspirational quotes trigger something within us when we read them. They activate our emotions and sometimes when they resonate with us they increase our pulse and get our juices, whether creative or critical thinking, flowing. “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes can offer up a bit of encouragementor a starting point, push, or reaffirmation of a way forward. Quotes open the door for encouragement but you have to walk through that door and apply what you are reading to your life. If you do not use quotes as a tool of life, the idea of quotes to you is pointless (and therefore you are probably no longer reading this.) But if you are a fan of quotes, chances are you are open to things in life, open to learning, and open to changing things you are not satisfied with. Quotes are also a great…


The winter months can be a challenging time to stick to an exercise plan. The weather is colder, the daylight hours are shorter and other priorities can make it hard to establish a routine. While exercise in winter may be tough, it is very important for health.
Before having transplant surgery, exercise will help you to maintain strength and energy. After a transplant, exercise can help you return to your normal level of physical activity more quickly. Cardiovascular exercise is a type of exercise that focuses on increasing your heart rate and building your endurance. Resistive exercise uses resistance (body weight, bands, or weights) to build strength in your muscles. Both types of exercise have important benefits before and after transplant. An exercise program should include both cardiovascular and resistive exercises.
Here are some tips to keep in shape over the winter (and year round):
Go for the goals. Remind yourself of your goals for exercise and staying in shape. Do you want …